PEI Tradesperson Ashton Weibel

Cooking Up Something New

Ashton Weibel at Tire Machine

Ashton Weibel began her career journey dreaming of becoming a chef, but the ingredients weren’t adding up. She changed track and now her hands are covered in mechanical grease rather than flour. It’s a switch she doesn’t regret!

From Baking to Building … Engines

Ashton was in school studying culinary arts when she realized the work wasn’t what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She says she just didn’t feel it fit. Exploring other career paths, Ashton came upon the TradeHerizons program through the Women’s Network PEI. The program focuses on career exploration and college preparation, specifically exposing women to trades and technology careers with hands-on learning opportunities. 

It was on a tour of Miranda MacIssac’s auto shop Steel Heels Ashton felt the lightbulb go off! She wanted to become a mechanic. 

Paradise by the Dashboard Lights 

Ashton eventually found her way back to Steel Heels, where she began her apprenticeship with Miranda’s guidance in 2020.  

Office to Advance Women Apprentices program coordinator Joan Paynter says Ashton is a passionate tradeswoman. 

“She is professional and helpful with explaining what has been done with your vehicle so even the mechanically declined would be able to understand,” Joan says. “Her approach to her job is always enthusiastic, genuine and with a smile, even if her face is black from working.” 

Ashton plans on continuing to work with Miranda at Steel Heels once she has her Red Seal. She also hopes to be a mentor and support to other women interested in the mechanics trade – just like her mentor.

The Future of Trades In PEI

Joan says the PEI Office to Advance Women Apprentices has built relationships with Ashton and Steel Heels and are there to offer support in hopes these ladies’ stories and guidance can support other women looking to get into the trades.

When you’ve got an inspiring apprenticeship story to share with our members and employers, reach out and we’ll help spread the word.

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