Career Development Services

Making a Plan

Planning your career can be difficult and stressful, but the partnership between Career Development Services (CDS) and the Office to Advance Women Apprentices has been helping women in the trades navigate an easier path. 

Cheryl McNeill, consultant with the PEI office, says the team at CDS are very engaged and supportive of the work to help women move forward in their trades careers. 

Wraparound Supports

CDS offers services like workshops, interview preparation, and networking opportunities for people of all ages looking for work in all sectors on the island. The CDS team were quick to step up when the PEI Office to Advance Women Apprentices opened their offices in 2019 and the two organizations have been referring people back and forth ever since. 

A Fruitful Partnership

Dean Getson, career practitioner and site leader at the O’Leary office of CDS, says the partnership has been great for the women clients at CDS. 

“For some, transitioning into a non-traditional role in the trades can be an intimidating task, but the staff at CDS and OAWA PEI have worked hard to promote the trades as first choice career options for women,” he says. “Many of our clients have completed trades-based training and moved on to benefit from the excellent support from the staff at  the office. Our clients have been able to connect to employers, participate in workshops, and gain exposure to valuable networking opportunities all because of this new partnership.”

Your Career Goals

Cheryl says the missions of the two organizations align perfectly, both groups are there to help people reach their career goals. 

Whether you’re looking for general career advice or for help getting started in your chosen trade, get in touch with CDS or the Office to Advance Women Apprentices PEI. We’re here to help you. 

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