Trade HERizons

The HERizon Is Bright 

Partnerships are part of the successful model of the Office to Advance Women Apprentices and there was no more natural partner in Prince Edward Island than Women’s Network PEI when the office opened in 2019. 

Women’s Network PEI is the home of Trade HERizons, a free 12-week career exploration and college preparedness program helping women learn about trades and technology careers, while also enhancing essential skills and personal development. Through this program participants experience hands-on learning opportunities in the trades with Holland College, meet mentors, and tour with industry employers. 

Community Collaboration 

Jill Olscamp, Program Coordinator at Women’s Network PEI, was thrilled with the opening of the Office to Advance Women Apprentices and is excited about the possibilities for the future of the partnership for the women she works with. 

“We were so happy to see the Office to Advance Women Apprentices set up a location on Prince Edward Island,” says Jill Olscamp, Program Coordinator at Women’s Network PEI. “Since its arrival, we have partnered with them so that all Trade HERizons participants are aware of the information and support that their Project Coordinator offers,” Jill says. 

A Background In Backup 

Trade HERizons began in 2010 and over the past decade has provided countless opportunities for women to learn about and experience trades, like plumbing, carpentry, welding and more. The program curriculum includes building Essential Skills like document use and numeracy and it also includes a math refresher course. Personal development work includes conflict resolution, communication, learning styles, team building, and mindfulness. All this to support women in understanding their own needs so they can make well-informed decisions about their futures. 

As a result of the Trades HERizons program the number of women tradespeople on PEI has grown over the past decade. In addition to learning about various community supports, participants are also introduced to the Office to Advance Women Apprentices.

“Trade HERizons and the Office to Advance Women Apprentices share the goal of working to increase the number of trades women in the province through support and guidance. (We’re both) here to help women make

connections in Industry and develop tools such as resumes, cover letters, interview prep, and networking opportunities that will help them enter their new area of work,” Jill says. “It is so exciting to know that we are now able to collaborate with the Office to Advance Women Apprentices to accomplish this goal.” 


Become a Partner 

Trade HERizons is one of several organizations the Office to Advance Women Apprentices in PEI partners with. If you would like to discuss creating a partnership, get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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