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Coast to Coast and Beyond!

When Candice Gibson Red Seal Welder found herself back in Nova Scotia with family after many years in western Canada, she connected with the Nova Scotia Office to Advance Women Apprentices to get some local leads for employment. She never imagined her dream job was just around the corner! Now, Candice is working her second ‘offshore hitch’ on an offshore crane vessel off Cape Sable Island.

Journey West to Red Seal

Candice started her journey about seven years ago when she moved to Alberta where she became a welder. Working in the oil patch and apprenticing through her levels, she obtained her Red Seal certification in welding. Candice eventually owned her own crew truck and earned her place amongst her peers as a good welder who could get the job done in a tough and rugged industry dominated by men.

Home to Nova Scotia – My Sea Bound Coast…

“Life has a way of putting us on our right path,” reflects Candice.”Even though moving home to Nova Scotia was exciting it was a turbulent time in my life. I was facing unemployment for the first time in a very long time. I had sold my rig truck out west to move home. I had some savings but they were dwindling. I needed to find work, but I didn’t have many contacts in Nova Scotia. My friend Sarah told me about the Office to Advance Women Apprentices and told me to call Daphne. I am so glad I did!

“The Office to Advance Women Apprentices gave me insight into opportunities in Nova Scotia that I didn’t know existed and one of the options was with the union representing piping trades in Canada – UA Local 56. Daphne connected me and UA asked me to come into their training facility to demonstrate my skills. I did what I know I’m good at! I welded! The better I welded the more challenges UA put in front of me!,”  laughs Candice. “I was happy to be performing on their welding challenges and they seemed impressed that I was doing it!”

Sure! I work Offshore!

“The Office to Advance Women Apprentices stayed in touch with me every step of the way and was always there cheering me on, even when I sometimes questioned myself. UA has an incredible training space and team and I was happy to be honing my skills. I was successful in advancing my welding skills and tickets beyond what I imagined. I never thought I would have the chance for unionized work as a welder and now I am beginning my second offshore hitch. I am proud to be welding on the second largest semi-submersible crane vessel in the world off the coast of Sable Island. This is my dream job and I owe a lot to the staff at Office to Advance Women Apprentices and UA for helping me get here!”

Inspired by Candice’s Journey? 

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