Kelli Gordon-Skinner

Kelli Gordon-Skinner with Daphne and Melanie

It’s not Rocket Science

“Or maybe it is!” says Kelli Gorden-Skinner. Kelli has spent a lifetime advocating for women’s advancement in all areas. Her work history in Nova Scotia is a proven testament to her commitment to seeing women succeed in trades and technology and acquire jobs navigating women to careers which can actually sustain families. Women represent less than 5 per cent of the workforce in construction in most provinces in Canada, and there is still lots of work to be done!

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Kelli is a Nova Scotia Trailblazer for women in construction. The Office to Advance Women Apprentices is delighted to have Kelli be part of the office’s founding advisory committee. Formerly of Women Unlimited, and currently an employment support practitioner for Job Junction in Halifax, Kelli has supported and continues to support hundreds of women on their journey to employment in skilled trades. Kelli is a champion of women and of women in trades, hosting the NS Women in Trades Facebook site.  

“Kelli has been more than supportive of our work and of me and it’s great to have found someone who really gets it and tries for women at every level,” says Daphne Goodine project coordinator for the office. “She has been a valuable partner sharing her insights and experience since we opened our doors – she was an obvious pick for our advisory committee.”  

Welcome to the ’hood – the sisterhood!

What does she have to say about the Office to Advance Women Apprentices? 

“No one knew for sure what was coming when the office opened, but I loved the Newfoundland and Labrador model and decided to collaborate with Daphne and Melanie here in Nova Scotia because there is so much to be done to support women in construction” “Kelli laughs and says. “I am happy to share my insights and experience with any organization going the distance for tradeswomen and I’m so happy to lend my expertise to their advisory committee!”

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