Emma Pollard – Journeyman Scaffolder

Emma Pollard

With the continuous workforce shortages faced in Alberta today, it comes as no surprise that Alberta has received federal funding to open an Office to Advance Women Apprentices under the management of the Carpenters Regional Council. The Office will be a great tool for industry leaders in Alberta to address their workforce shortage needs.

Alberta is the seventh province to open an Office to Advance Women Apprentices. Using the existing successful model established in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2009, the office will work to identify and eliminate barriers to increase opportunities for women in the skilled trades.

Emma Pollard is a Journeyman Scaffolder by trade and the Project Director for The Office to Advance Women Apprentices Alberta. Emma believes the Office will bring diversity to the workforce for employers while creating equal opportunities for women across Alberta. “I want to help others get started in a career that can support themselves and their families. Change is coming, change is scary, but change is ok and for me change is welcome. There is a place for everyone to succeed and I want to be the change I would like to see in the world.” 

Registration for the Office will open in January 2024 for tradeswomen and women exploring working.

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