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The relationship between @Saskatchewan Building Trades and our office is a total “no brainer!” Find out how our organizations are working together to improve the opportunities and outcomes of tradeswomen throughout the province.

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Kendall Shea, Welder

The story of one young apprentice who – with support from the Office to Advance Women Apprentices and Boilermakers Local 203 – found her dream job.

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Guy J. Bailey Ltd

Guy J Bailey Ltd. can boast about its strides and work with the Office to Advance Women Apprentices to include diversity and inclusion as part of the company’s mandate.

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Career Development Services

Career Development Services and the Office to Advance Women Apprentices work together to help women find their dream jobs in PEI.

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Kelli Gordon-Skinner

Kelli is a Nova Scotia Trailblazer for women in construction. The Office to Advance Women Apprentices is delighted to have Kelli be part of the office’s founding advisory committee.

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Joan Paynter OAWA PEI
Tradeswoman PE, Tradeswoman Stories

Joan & Cheryl

Both Joan and Cheryl are eager to support women in their trades careers, coaching them through struggles they’re both all too familiar with.

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The Manitoba Construction Sector Council has been a true ally to our team since we opened in 2019.

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Flyer Electric

We’re flying high with Flyer Electric! This company has been so supportive of our office and has been one of our biggest advocates in the Saskatchewan area.

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