Tracy Fedorowich SK Welder

A Strong Message  

Tracy Fedorowich, a welder in Saskatchewan, has a message for women working in the trades: Never give up. 

“I want to say to other women out there, who are trying to get their careers off the ground working in the trades, to not give up because there are people and organizations out there that want to see you succeed too!”

Out from Behind the Desk

Before becoming a welder, Tracy spent seven years working in an office, feeling unfulfilled and knowing she was destined for something different. With a lot of hard work, a little advice from family, and some direction from a couple of great organizations, she’s now living her own advice and making a good living as a welder. 

Finding her Place

“I realized I would rather be working at a job that was more physical and challenging, where I felt like I could really put my skills to use and feel proud of the work I was doing,” Tracy says of her last days in her previous office job. 

However, once she completed her applied welding certificate she was eager to work, but found it tough to find a job. She saw job opportunities everywhere, but it seemed her lack of experience was holding her back. 

“I had applied to many jobs and had not received an interview or even a call back, at times it got to be very discouraging,” she says. 

A Word of Encouragement

As Tracy struggled to find work, she discussed her challenges with her sister, a third year plumber who was working in Vancouver, who suggested reaching out to the Office to Advance Women Apprentices. Tracy jumped at the opportunity, calling the office immediately and making an appointment to talk with the staff members.

“They were so helpful and understanding of what I was experiencing trying to find my first job being a woman in a male dominated industry,” Tracy says. “These ladies and this organization jumped on the ball for me to help find work and encouraged me to not give up on working in the trades. They reached out to many contacts and helped me land my first job with the Boilermakers Local 555 in Regina.”

Representation Matters 

Joining the union has helped jumpstart Tracy’s career. She says the union sees the potential in her and the people there have encouraged her to succeed in her career. As a member, she’s been able to travel for work and make a good living she couldn’t in another field. 

Reach Out 

If Tracy’s experiences feel familiar, reach out to the Office to Advance Women Apprentices. We can help you find work, prepare for testing, and even help you find a mentor in your field. 

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