Personal Success to Helping Hands

Vanessa Miller in Mosaic Pond Pumphouse
Vanessa Miller in Mosaic Pond Pumphouse

Vanessa Miller is a skilled welder with plenty of accolades to her name, but she insists her success is all thanks to her parents. 

“They are both hard-working, down-to-earth, hubble people and I admire them for instilling those values in me,” Vanessa says “My parents both grew up on farms in which everyone had a job to do in order for the farm to be successful. In raising us, they never distinguished between boy and girl jobs. Everyone had an equal responsibility to learn and contribute.”

A Change in Course

Vanessa was attending university when she decided to  enroll in a pre-employment welding program.  Vanessa changed career direction because the welding course was only nine months long, her chances of being hired after graduation were high, and she would have far less student debt.

“My decision to become a welder was derived out of necessity. As a young single mother, I needed to provide for my son, be a role model to him, and show him the responsibilities of being an adult,” she says.

Vanessa’s welding career has led her to be a part of some major construction initiatives around Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba. She has explored many different aspects of her trade including instruction, business ownership, and quality control.  

“I believe that education, both formal and informal, is an essential part of developing a career.”  

Not only does Vanessa hold her Red Seal, as well as many welding tickets, she has also obtained her Blue Seal certificate with apprenticeship, a Level 1 Inspector qualification, and is currently working on her Bachelor of Applied Management Degree.

Giving Back 

Vanessa Miller welding
Vanessa Miller at Work

Vanessa’s latest accomplishment is becoming the project coordinator for the Office to Advance Women Apprentices in Saskatchewan.  

“I feel it is the right time in my career where I need to give back and help others achieve their dreams in the trades,” she says. 

Vanessa’s new role with the office will give her the opportunity to be hands on in assisting women through their own skilled trades careers. Whether it’s career counselling, assisting in resume writing, arranging peer mentoring, or informing women about upcoming courses, Vanessa is excited to help women fulfill their career goals.

It’s Your Turn

If you have been thinking about a career in the skilled construction trades, or are currently enrolled in an apprenticeship program, give the Office to Advance Women Apprentices a call so we can assist you in your journey!

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