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Unconventional Beginnings

Meet Jill Boyce, the groundbreaking construction Project Manager, who defiled traditional paths. Her journey into the trades started unexpectedly, discovering a passion for physical labour while working part-time in a glass distribution company.

From Customer Service to Electrician

Finding her path, Jill’s first introduction to the trades started with becoming a Customer Service Technician at SaskTel. Fueling her ambition, she pursued an apprenticeship in electrical work, amassing 15 years of expertise before taking on the role of a Construction Project Manager overseeing projects across Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Tackling Challenges Head-on

Jill faced challenges from inadequate facilities to pregnancy and parental leave accommodations. She shares her strategies for setting workplace boundaries by defining acceptable and unacceptable behavior. She has found that it becomes easier to maintain a professional environment by communicating personal and professional limits to colleagues and superiors. She also believes that it is important to balance your job and family responsibilities but suggests figuring out what is most important and finding ways to make it work. She hopes to see more men taking parental leave and breaking the taboo to normalize the sharing of child-care responsibilities.

Giving Back

Jill finds validation in clients requesting her involvement and values support networks like Women in Construction Trades pages and the Office to Advance Women Apprentices. Her recent participation in OAWA’s Building a Vision Event left a lasting, uplifting impact. She envisions a more inclusive trade industry with increased female representation in leadership postitions. She also advocates for a cultural shift towards a better understanding of struggles, discrimination and harassment faced by women in the workplace and proactive workplace safety policies.

Advice for Aspiring Tradeswomen

For women considering a trade career, Jill’s advice is clear, “Dig deep, work hard and find your voice right away to be your own supporter. Join tradeswomen groups and surround yourself with a support circle of people who can relate to your journey.” She emphasizes the importance of exploring opportunities, rejecting mistreatment, and embodying qualities like drive, adaptability, and self-motivation.

It’s Your Turn

If you have been thinking about a career in the skilled construction trades or are currently enrolled in an apprenticeship program, give the Office to Advance Women Apprentices a call 1-866-702-6292(OAWA) so we can assist you in your journey!

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