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Break down the words journeyperson and you’re perfectly describing Jackie Frampton’s experience in getting her Red Seal as an electrician. Jackie’s story is one with setbacks and successes, but her hard work has paid off.

A Little Help from Her Friends

Jackie began her career after her pre-apprenticeship at a major industrial project in Newfoundland and Labrador, but quickly realized travelling to a job site or living in a camp wasn’t going to work with her lifestyle. She has a family and for her, her children’s well-being came first. That meant going back to the drawing board to find the right work experience for her.

Jackie got in touch with the Office to Advance Women Apprentices who found her employment where she could gain lots of experience, while being able to go home to her family each evening.

“The work was great when it was plentiful, and at times I struggled to find further employment to gain all of my hours. But with patience, and determination, and support, I was successful and went about my challenge to get my Red Seal” Jackie says.

Facing the Test

The Red Seal exam was Jackie’s next challenge. She worked hard, studied in all her spare time, but the first time she sat for the exam she wasn’t successful.

“I did not give up, however,” she says. “I reached out and got assistance wherever I could – speaking with my Apprenticeship Development Officer, taking a Journeyperson Prep course offered through the Office to Advance Women Apprentices, getting advice from other electricians, etc. I was persistent and determined that I was going to pass that exam, and now am very proud to hold my Red Seal as a Journeyperson Electrician.”

Hard Work Pays Off

Jackie’s journey to her Red Seal took hard work and determination, but she also credits the support system she built through her employers, the Office to Advance Women Apprentices, her various employers and Industrial Training for helping her reach her goal. She says she also had a great group of co-workers who propped her up, watched out for her, and took her under their wing.

“Not only did I get my Red Seal, but by example I showed my kids that you have to work for what you want, that at times it is a struggle, but to never give up on your dreams …. and I got my ideal job in my field!”

From Struggle to Success

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