Partner Up!

When the Office to Advance Women Apprentices was opening its offices in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Building Trades was a natural partnership to improve the opportunities and outcomes for women in the trades. 

“The relationship we have with The Office to Advance Women Apprentices is a no brainer for us,” says Dion Malakoff, Executive Director Saskatchewan Building Trades. “When we saw the success this program had out east we were eager to help out where we can.” 

Together is Better

The Saskatchewan Building Trades is an organization composed of several affiliated unions representing organized construction workers in Saskatchewan. They have been heavily involved in the launching of the Saskatchewan Build Together program and have built many  partnerships with First Nations communities like the Safer Trades Initiatives, which works with Saskatchewan Safety Council to bring free Safety Training to Indigenous Communities. When the opportunity came to partner with the Office to Advance Women Apprentices, they could see the positive contributions the office would bring for tradeswomen in the province. 

Building Something Great

Since opening its doors in May 2019, the Office to Advance Women Apprentices has had the full support of the Saskatchewan Building Trades. The organization supplies office space, which allows the office to have a presence in the community and an open door to personally assist women wanting to meet with someone for guidance on their trades journey. In addition, the Saskatchewan Building Trades has offered personal introductions to the unions, invitations for presentations to their industry partners and contractors, attends important meetings and has always been sure to include the office in any of their upcoming partnerships and initiatives. It’s support is truly benefiting women in the construction industry. 

Give and Take

With the building trades support the office has been able to build up its base of clients and contractors, and through their connections, has been able to put many tradeswomen to work.

Saskatchewan Building Trades couldn’t agree more. 

“Our organizations are happy to take those women that the office finds as we know that they have support from beginning to the end,” Dion says. “With that, and support at the local levels, we know we are getting members who want to come to work everyday to better themselves and their families.” 

Join the Partnership

Do you or your organization have something to offer the advancement of women in the construction trades in Saskatchewan? Are you interested in employing women at your construction company? Would you like to explore a career in the trades? Get in touch we’re always looking for our next great partnership!

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