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Helping Women Fly High

Flyer Electric was already doing a lot to diversify its workforce, hiring and supporting indigenous and women apprentices, so when our office connected with Terry Tessier, president and CEO of the company, it was a match made in heaven. 

The project coordinator for the Office to Advance Women Apprentices was attending a networking event hosted by FHQ Developments when she  connected with Terry and started telling him about the free services and employee database that the office provides.

New School Employer

“The Office to Advance Women Apprentices was completely new to me when we met,” Terry says. “I believe this is a terrific help to those women who are looking to be successful in the trades and may need an advocate pushing for companies to give them a chance, as there are many old-school companies yet that don’t even consider them for the opportunities they deserve.” 

Flyer Electric has been providing a wide range of industrial and commercial electrical services in Saskatchewan for over 35 years. The company is known for a commitment to quality, dedication to safety, and attention to detail.

One Day, One Woman

The very day after the networking event, Terry reached out to the office requesting resumes. One of those resumes was Tammy Poorman’s. Tammy, a second year electrician was quickly hired as part of the team. 

“The process was simple and really no different than any other new worker, except that we had the help of the office to bring her forward to us, encouraging us to give her a shot,” he says. “In no time at all, Tammy has proven herself to be a hard worker, who cares about the work she is doing and the people she is working with. She is welcomed on any crew she has been on so far and with no negative feedback at all.” 

A Big Supporter

Terry continues to be a supportive advocate of the office, encouraging other contractors and businesses to register with the office and take advantage of its services.

“He regularly keeps in touch, ensuring women from our database are given equal opportunity, even throughout this pandemic,” Shayla says. “He has been one of our biggest supporters and we look forward to working with Flyer Electric to meet their employment demands and to ensure a more inclusive and diverse workforce here in Saskatchewan.”

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