Essential Power

“No Job Too Big or Too Small” is the motto at Essential Power

Essential Power is a residential electrical renovations company based out of Saskatoon, recently expanding into Prince Albert. They offer many services including wiring, home automation, and home audio/video services. They take pride in their attention to detail and their ability to provide a properly installed and safe final product. 

Anne-Marie Howie - Owner, Essential Power
Anne-Marie Howie

Essential Power is a small business that hires electricians. “Our company is operated differently from other companies because we have a great work atmosphere that makes for fun times and a lot of learning opportunities. We also have great medical benefits that pay for apprenticeship schooling every year”, says Anne-Marie Howie, owner of Essential Power.

As a tradeswoman herself, Anne-Marie realized in the 13 years there were many difficulties associated with being a woman in the trades. She felt she always had to work twice as hard as her coworkers and for the first 5 years of her career, was rarely taken seriously. Things got a bit easier after her reputation for being a good worker got out and now feels she is treated like everyone else, mostly. She started her business and was excited about the opportunity to be a leader. 

Women are essential at Essential Power

Anne-Marie connects with other organizations interested in helping women with careers in the trades, including the Office to Advance Women Apprentices. These organizations help her find the right employees; currently 2 of the 8 of which are women! “It is important to us to support women in trades in any way I can” she says. “The knowledge that we are helping women find their passion and make a better income than most traditional careers.” The qualities she looks for in her employees are patience, persistence, strength, ambition, friendliness, personable, takes direction well, and those that are comfortable working with heights.

Hiring Women is Good for Business

Essential Power knows that hiring women helps them capitalize on contracts. They find “people would like to support women in trades more, so they hire us.” Some advice to other businesses looking to hire women would be, don’t treat them[women] differently from the men on staff. We don’t need to be singled out. Also, be flexible when it comes to childcare and consider having women in leadership positions. This will attract and retain more women to your business as they are more understanding of personal situations.”

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