Guy J. Bailey Ltd

 A Long History, a Bright Future

With a focus on training its employees and using as many local suppliers as possible, Guy J Bailey Ltd. already had a great reputation as a responsible business. Now, the company can boast about its strides and work with the Office to Advance Women Apprentices to include diversity and inclusion as part of the company’s mandate.

For more than 55 years Guy J Bailey Ltd., in Baie Verte Newfoundland and Labrador, has been providing site services for two nearby mines, offering heavy civil construction services, and exporting aggregate stone to the global market through its own marine facility in the town. 

Guy J Bailey Ltd. operates year-round, employing approximately 100 local workers. The company continues to be family owned and has always been community-minded.

“Hiring local and those who are interested in settling on the Baie Verte Peninsula is important for the company and the community’s future,” says Hillary England, Health and Safety Manager for the Guy J Bailey team, adding that training has always been a core value, helping many of their employees from the pre-apprentice level to receiving their Red Seal certification. 

Small Town Charm

Given the remote area, most resumes are often from locals, but when Hillary was connected to the Office to Advance Women Apprentices she was open to those from outside. It was convenient then when Fleur de Lys native Kendall Shea decided to turn down a position in Alberta to move home near her father. 

Kendall was hired as a third year apprentice under the Apprentice Wage Subsidy Program through the Office to Advance Women Apprentices. Hillary says aside from the financial support, the office’s connection with Kendall helped serve as an additional reference before she even had an opportunity to prove herself as a skilled apprentice welder. However, she quickly did. Since connecting with the office Guy J Bailey is celebrating their diversity and inclusion practices through the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum’s #Champions4Change initiative.

Hillary says while gender is not something the company usually factors into their hiring process, experience and passion for the work is what counts, and Kendall fit that role right from the start. “Kendall is a genuinely hard worker,” Hillary says. “Her work speaks for itself and she frequently talks about how happy she is to have the opportunity to work near her family and home, doing what she loves to do.”

The Feeling Is Mutual

Kendall loves working with Guy J Bailey Ltd. too, saying she’s learned a lot from her journeyperson and she really likes the team.

“I was determined to prove myself to them in that month and I worked as hard as I could, going above and beyond whenever possible and after that project was completed, I was transferred to another,” she says. “The company is great to work for and has been since day one. … I can’t see myself working anywhere but here – I’m part of the team, I’m close to home, and I’m doing what I love.”

Passion For The Work and The People

Are you looking to hire skilled tradespeople? Consider getting in touch with our office and ask about tradeswomen near your company’s base of operations. Our database includes many skilled, hard workers excited to find the right experience. 

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